my dad thinks like forests and mountains are beautiful. i think you know, not that stuff, but different things are beautiful. usually a lot uglier things. and the most beautiful things are usually hilarious. you know. because they are so ugly. just these contradictions. i don't know. whatever. anyway. i made some t shirts. but i made them at art school. so i had to justify the gesture of making t shirts. so i wrote a paper about making t shirts. and you know. the t shirts had a purpose. and the purpose wasn't art. i lost the paper it was probably being real illusive about when i was really into antiflag and then when i got really out of antiflag. but the paper would be less interesting and way less hilarious than people talking about it. oh yeah. i got these people talking about it. and i'm kind of being an asshole the whole time. but who isn't an asshole sometimes?