maybe blogs are contagious you read a good one and pick up the tone in everything you write and if you have a website should it be giving everybody a heads up on what your doing i mean maybe its an artists site but really the site is just hanging out and theres no CV or email address or a name even, i dont even think my names on this thing but what about it. you know ive just been laying in bed looking around my room thinking about the posters i have. surfing the internet. but not even surfing just wading with those arm flotation things the internet just hitting refresh on my email inbox and maybe trying to find streaming videos of sitcoms. thinking about looking up good conspiracies on the internet but then forgetting about it when im actually on the internet. and i scanned in some sketchbooks. and whats a sketchbook. a collection of all my better ideas? what if i never figure them out then they just sit in the stacks of piles of sketchbooks. i dont know. its not like any other book that gets figured out linearly. and really maybe thats an idea, to purposely make some book thats not linear, but who wants that. i wouldnt buy it. i guess i had this pick your own adventure book about being trapped on a spaceship with these space vampires that maybe come to think of it was the best fucking book i have ever read in my life and i guess that thats kind of a non linear book. maybe somebody can pull it off. definately not me. so sketchbooks. maybe its good to flip through stuff like that on the toilet or in the back of your moms van on a long trip to see family or people that you havent seen since you were an adolecent and cant even remember. but really its not even a book its on the internet. how can you read it like a book when its not even a book. a series of drawings to look through is easier to look through if theyre all attached to eachother so maybe the context of a book isnt so important i can firmly state that in that situation a bunch of drawings in a book can be ok. even if theres no narrative or overlying thought. but maybe theres an overlying thought. maybe. doesnt everybody make up their own cool naratives to everything. does everybody do that. or maybe sometimes you look at a bunch of really great looking paintings and you dont even care about making narratives because just seeing stuff that looks so awsome is justifyable enough. like in the list of things i did this week i did the dishes. nearly got beaten up by some biker looking guy but ran away, had an ok sandwhich, cut my thumb AND SAW THIS SERIES OF THE MOST AMAZING PAINTINGS. thats ok right a sentence like that. i think if i was going to sit down and really discuss all this type of stuff that ive learned at school is important to discuss i would probably be thinking more about who talks about this stuff usually people trying to impress somebody and i dont like to think about whether or not im in a conversation thats mostly about impressing someone because you just end up thinking if youre in that kind of conversation and then worry that maybe you look like youre trying to impress somebody. so can a bunch of crap from a sketchbook exist as a sketch book and still do something. like hit somebody with a really good idea for something else or maybe get them to think about something they forgot about that they really liked and were really glad they remembered or just saw something that made them be like man what am i doing checking my email and trying to stream sitcoms id much rather be thinking about stuff or getting stoked on doing stuff or just being stoked at looking at cool smart stuff on the internet thats really great and makes me do all these things. maybe its like i dont know. whatever.